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        My first experience with the Amiga was with the Amiga 1000. A friend had recently bought one, and showed off same to me. As I had a "mere" hand-me-down Commodore 64 at the time I was fascinated by this latest and greatest machine. I played and won (for the first and only time) "Defender of the Crown". It was an over all wow experience.
        I bought into the Amiga, being so impressed, over the years he followed his desire to game and left for the PC. I still had fond memories of that now old Amiga 1000.
        A few years back I got a message forwarded to me by the DCG club Secretary about an offer for an Amiga 1000. Free to anyone that would come get same. I having no life, jumped quickly and answered the E-mail, thus winning the machine. A pleasent drive and lunch later (the donor wouldn't even let me pay for his lunch) I had the A1000 in my car and was driving it home.
        This model is most complete coming with a good deal of software and a complete history in terms of receipts and documents. It is a good piece of computer history.
        It is equipped with 256k ram expansion in the nose slot and an "Insider" one meg board giving it a total of 1.5 meg of ram. It came with an external floppy drive (shown) and a Commodore 1085 monitor (not shown) It has Kickstart and workbench versions 1.0 (shown) 1.2 and 1.3. No that is not a case of bad monitor in the picture, it is a case of my camera and monitor would not sync..
        The computer is pictured on my "computer lab" bench hooked to my Commodore 1942 monitor. It can also be seen in the picture of Amigastine under the desk, it's on the bottom of the stack.
A1000 thumb
a1000 namesThe Names of the Amiga development team inside the top case of the Amiga 1000. Jay Miner, Father of the Amiga is middleright at the top. "Sasha" the dog's footprint below than and to the right. Jay claimed that every bit of Amiga code was okayed by her. "Joe Pillow" is bottom center. This was the name on the ticket for the Amiga prototype when it was taken to it's first Computer Show.

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