A 1200

        This is a picture of the "Amooga 1200" my main backup Amiga. This A1200 came into my possession as the first brand new computer I ever bought. For the sum of $1249.00 I took home a boxed Amiga 1200, an 80 meg hard drive and a 4 meg PCMCIA ram card to bring my usable ram to 6 meg. The Rotech external drive from my A500 was at once placed into service with the A1200 as was the Amiga 5.25 inch drive I had at the time. This was quickly dropped as the A1200 didn't really like the drive, and I didn't need it with all that hard drive space. Woo Hoo!
        Within the year I had upgraded the processor with a GVP Turbo 030/40 card and replaced the 4 meg external ram with an Internal chip. After that was the 256 meg drive and 4 more meg of ram. This was the best the A1200 got as my primary machine. It was shortly replaced by an Amiga 4000 This does not mean the 1200 was forgotten. I changed the 256 meg drive for a 512 meg drive. I added the Squirrel SCSI PCMCIA card so I could use my SCSI zip drive with the A1200.
        The spots are another story. In the heady (broken) promise days after the Gateway buyout I acquired vinyl cow spots at the Columbus Amiga show. I spent a good several hours placing them on the difficult terrain of the A1200's front case. No vents are blocked. Gateway was another bust, but I get chuckles from the cow spots so they stay on.
        The current setup is recent. A result of having an extra SCSI CD rom when I placed the burner in the A4000. One of the retired external SCSI boxes, once used with the Baby Monster (Now Amigastine), was pressed to service as a CD rom for all the "little box" Amigas I have that do have SCSI. An internal swap drawer completes the case.
        As you see it. Amiga 1200, AmigaOS 3.0 GVP Turbo 030/40 processor, 10 meg of ram. 512 meg Quantum hard drive, 2 DD floppy drives. Squirrel SCSI card, 4x CD rom, 1 gig seagate SCSI drive, external SCSI Zip drive. The mouse is a standard A1200/4000 mouse. The monitor is a Commodore 1942 I use on my computer lab bench. It's sync rate does not like my camera so the screen is messed up. It is using WBverlof for the background and noiconborder for the icons..

A1200 thumb

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