Planets:  1 pixel to 100,000 meters

Earth/Luna -- Human Home world. You expected a different one? Yes, Home sweet home. It's a very detailed model. If you can zoom close enough you house in the 24th century can be seen.
       It's Everyone's Moon. Everyone on Earth that is. Our good old Moon.
       Earth is seen in several tales throughout Epiphany Trek. It's really hard to miss. But then again so are most planets.

Three Suns Station -- Builder Home world. You expected Builders to live on a planet? Three Suns is a station 14,000 kilometers in diameter. Speculation states there is a planet under there, at least a large moon. Scans from the Builder Squadron found no such body. What was found is that the station is hollow through out. The livable space is beyond easy understanding. Even the largest starship can be docked within the station. Gravity control is absolute.
       Three Suns Station has no moon. It is located in the center point of a triple sun some 1000 light years from the Federation to the spinward.

Savanna/Kolith -- Ane Home world. Of the six planets of the El Nanth Rosette Savanna is the only one that started in that orbit. Savanna is an impossible planet. Two million years ago it had no life. It was a boiling rock. In a matter of hours it was relocated to it's current orbit, made class M by means unknown, and populated with Ane. Grown astrophysicists, geologists and biologists have been know to get drunk at the mention of it.
       Kolith is know for having take some massive hits in it recent history. At least in the time before it was moved to be Savanna's moon. It is relic of early planet formation. It gets studied and they try not to think about it too much.

Vulcan/T'kuht -- The Vulcan Home world. This is the second in the Federation Core set. Vulcan is a desert world of hot sand and heavy gravity. She is not without seas, but these are salty, shallow, and old. The World breed a hearty people and no one who has encountered Vulcans will doubt that.
       "Vulcan has no moon." Yes say aliens that first gazed on T'kuht rising past the horizon, "Vulcan has a nightmare". T'kuht is a recent capture in geological terms. The body is a full third the diameter of the primary and orbits at half the distance that Luna does from Earth. A double planet system, not a moon. The same tide that keep the volcanoes of Vulcan active also wrench T'kuht. The surface is a teaming froth of lava, and smoking ranges. While T'kuht has no seas of water it does possess a thin poison atmosphere constantly renewed by the fires within.

Aurora/Teel -- Ane Colony. Aurora is the third planet in the El Nanth rosette. It is also the most geologically valuable of the planets in the rosette. Aurora Station is the center for mining on Aurora. All mining is sub-surface and products are transported directly to the Station. Aurora is a young planet forced into being class M. It's seas are the cooled beds of the giant impacts that scared its surface when it was brought into the present orbit.
       Teel was a rock the right size moved into position to be the moon for Aurora. It has a slight blueish cast due to a high concentration of cobalt in its crust.

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