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USS Kongo NCC-1710 -- Constitution II class heavy Cruiser. The Kongo was built in the class after the Enterprise. As a result she has some internal differences. She was not upgraded to the look of the Series from the look of the Pilot, she was built that way. She has the "FJ blueprint" bridge hump, not the "shooting model" teardrop. Constitution II class ships also have a fourth phaser bank on the underside aft of the tractor beam.
       Other changes were made in service. The bridge deck extension was added in 2261 by her Captain at the time. The built-in main deflector was installed in 2263 as a result of damage in service.
       The USS Kongo is the primary ship for the Jerry LaSaille stories and appears in them.

USS Kongo NCC-10455 -- Ambassador class heavy cruiser. The Kongo was built in the first run of the Ambassador class ships. She has since seen heavy service and an extensive and radical refit.
       The USS Kongo is the main ship in the Tim Kirk stories. It is seen extensively.

USS Questing CB-5 -- Manta class heavy frigate. The Questing is the first ship seen ion Epiphany Trek. She has been featured in several tales and made minor appearances as well.

USS Discovery NCC-71890 -- Galaxy III class heavy cruiser. The Discovery is featured in Jay Hailey's STOM stories. She is also a major feature in the Starbase-600 game.

USS Andros XC-03 -- Behemoth class container ship. The USS Andros is a Starfleet commissioned vessel. She does the cargo run from STB-224 to STB-600 along with three other ships of her class. This allows STB-600 to see a ship form the main Federation every 100 days give or take.
       The USS Andros is a frequent player in the STB-600 game, she has a cameo appearance in Ships in the Night.

USS Mitchell Paige NCC-1942 -- The Paige is a Miranda rebuild into a one off. She is featured in Matter's of Perspective.

SS Savanna FTL-100 -- Prototype warp ship. This was the ship built by Jerry LaSaille to escape the from Earth. It is featured in The Flight and To Sail the Starry Sea, it has cameos in several other stories.

USS Saratoga NCC-98 -- Saratoga class heavy cruiser. A later class ship than the Lenin class even though both were produced side by side. The Saratoga is starting to assume the saucer shape common to later Starfleet ships. Seen in To the Victor.

USS Ulysses S Grant NCC-107 -- Lenin '33 class heavy cruiser. The last ships to be equipped with hibernation tubes. A warp 4 special, on a good day.
       The Grant is featured in the Romulan War Series.

USS Daedalus NCC-152 -- Daedalus class heavy cruiser. The first "modern" starship. She had the first shields, the first SIF and the first appearance of the classic primary-secondary hull configuration. Daedalus and her derivatives were in constant use from the last half of the 22nd century to the first decades of the 23rd.
       USS Daedalus appeared in The Spoils of War.

USS Questing CA-09 -- Unity class heavy cruiser. The first ship designed by Ane for Ane in the 2283 configuration. This USS Questing was not directly mentioned in any story.

USS Fastness FF-33 -- Unity class light frigate. The Unity class in 2360. The Unity class ships have proven upgradeable. While they have not surpassed warp 8 cruise, they are still valuable for system defense.
       The USS Fastness is seen in Lines in the Sand.

USS Rengal CT-23 -- Euphrates class transport/tug. While built for transport duties the Euphrates class ships ended up filling the heavy cruiser role that the slightly too light Unity class had problems with.
       The USS Rengal is named for a river on Andor. She was a McGuffin in the Starbase 600 game.

USS Xanadu NCC-2053 -- Wizard class heavy cruiser. The Wizard class was a departure from the usual Starfleet ship, only 20 were built and only two modified in construction to take the new Ane designed High Efficiency warp drives and the matching Crystalmind computers. The fate of both ships is Top Secret, and resulted in a Starfleet ban on the Crystalmind computer in force until 2367.
       The USS Xanadu is the McGuffin of the story Xanadu's Star.

SS Edmund Fitzgerald -- civilian transport. This is a typical large scale passenger and cargo transport about 40 years old at the time we see it. It can hold two standard cargo pods some internal cargo and 500 passengers. Passenger cabins can be broken down for more cargo space. The ship is named for the lost Great Lakes freighter.
       The Edmund Fitzgerald appears in Destinations.

USS Harrier NCC 45657 -- Constellation class heavy cruiser. The Harrier is the Primary star of Jay Hailey's Voyage of the Harrier. It appears here because of cameos in Epiphany Trek.

USS Chr'tar NCC-73002 -- Intrepid class light cruiser. The Chr'tar is the unnamed Intrepid assigned to Starbase 140 in The Eagle's Spawn.

SS Skylark -- Carnival Class Liner. The Carnival class is an established design by the time of her appearance in The Eagle's Spawn. For a trip that at minimum will take days to weeks even the liners of the Federation Core will be luxurious homes away from home.
       Liners are built to look fast and grand at the dockside. Not just the reputation of your service but the image your ship projects is important. You need that impressive beauty ship for the advertisements.

SS Desiderata -- Euphrates class yacht. Being an old and established member of the All has advantages. When you want a military class ship as a personal yacht, you can get it. The Desiderata is a modified Euphrates class. It is less well armed, and much more luxurious. It is Jerry's private ride for the back end of the 23rd century and most of the 24th.
       The Desiderata is mentioned in The Jerry LaSaille Shorts and in the STB-600 game.

USS Horatio Nelson NCC-2347 -- Miranda class science ship. The Nelson is an old warrior born anew. In her heyday as a heavy frigate the Nelson was a "space control ship". A flagship with long range sensors. As she aged out she was pushed further back into the reserves until she was part of the mothballed fleet.
       Sciences came looking for a new ship. The Nelson with her optimized sensor suite was noted. She was refit with an even more impressive set of sensors, this time for planetary survey and moved into the science fleet.
       The Horatio Nelson appears in Destinations.

USS Lydia Sutherland NCC-842 -- Atlanta class light cruiser. As any fan can plainly see that is the "NX" class from Star Trek Enterprise. Well it looked too modern for the early 22nd century to me. The "Lydia Sutherland" was the ship commanded by James T. Kirk before the Enterprise in fan circles. A reference to the "Hornblower in space" theme of Gene Roddenberry. The "Lydia" (32) and the "Sutherland" (74) where the first two of Hornblower's commands that Forrester wrote about. Vonda N. McIntyre put that fan concept into print in "Enterprise" in 1990.
       The USS Lydia Sutherland is mentioned if not seen in The First Principle as Jerry LaSaille's last command before the USS Kongo. He handed it off to a kid named Kirk.

USS William Otis NCC-70385 -- Dixon class transport/tug. This class was suggested by Jay Hailey as a successor to the Fanz Joesph Ptolemy class of the 23rd century. As the Ptolemy was derived from the Constitution class the "Dixon" was derived from the Intrepid class. The class is named for ardent super fan James Dixon. Love him or hate him, his work is known.
       The USS William Otis is named for the elevator inventor, and is seen in The Wages of Sin bring in the EKS John Gill.

ASF Vigilant -- Acceptian Mothership. These vessels do not have "classes". Each is unique and only a dozen even exist. The Mothership was the Acceptian answer to the Thrasite problem. One such ship can also subdue a planet if required. The are the top of the Acceptian command structure.
       The Vigilant is seen in several Epiphany Trek stories. The Long Patrol, Lines in the Sand, and Ships in the Night.

ASF FarSight -- Acceptian Seeker. Seekers are the Acceptian equivalent of the Federation heavy cruiser. They deal in normal enforcement and exploration duties.
       The FarSight is seen in The Long Patrol.

USS Healer Sotcok NCC 65734 -- Olympic class Hospital Ship. This design first seen in TNG All Good Things hearkens back to the Daedalus with the spherical primary hull.
       Healer Sotock was a major innovator in Vulcan health care. The ship is seen in Lines in the Sand".

SS Curious Minnow -- Free Trader. More details on the minnow are in the 10 to 1 text.

Drompheer 45 -- Nabol Cruiser. This the standard Nabol cruiser design. Most of these ships were lost against the Thrasite War City. None was ever named within the story.

Fardenpheer 17 -- Nabol War Wagon. The capital ship of the Nabol space fleet. Most of these ships were lost against the Thrasite War City. None was ever named within the story.

ASF Strike -- Swift class striker. These ships are the Acceptian equivalent of the Federation Defiant class. Small short ranged ships with a heavy punch. They are the usual escort of a Mothership that cannot get out of it's own way. Their size is limited by the docking bays on Motherships.
       The Strike is one of the Vigilant's many strikers.

AN458F4 -- Hal Armin cruiser. The Logical Hal Armin do not give ships names the way Humans do. This vessel is of note because it carried the trade mission that left Neebish behind.

EKS Pride of Ekos -- Ekos frigate (Ferengi "trade" Frigate) Warships sold by the Ferengi to whoever has the cash. What they don't tell you is that it is "Starships by Microsoft", ships so locked down that their own crews cannot repair them, unless of course you buy the repair upgrade package. The Pride of Ekos and her two sister ships all met nasty ends spurred on by the fact they fell apart when hard pressed.
       The EKS Pride of Ekos was seen in The Eagle's Spawn.

EKS John Jill -- Ekos Battle cruiser (Ferengi "trade" battle cruiser Warships sold by the Ferengi to whoever has the cash. What they don't tell you is that it is "Starships by Microsoft", ships so locked down that their own crews cannot repair them, unless of course you buy the repair upgrade package, which was the case of the John Gill. She still was no match for the USS Kongo.
       The EKS John Gill was seen in The Eagle's Spawn.

BIS StrongNest -- Brill heavy frigate. The Brill are a neutral power surrounded by Federation planets. They are a reluctant member of the League of Unaligned Worlds. What they don't do is get involved with other members that start things.
       The StrongNest is seen in The Eagle's Spawn.

FoeCrusher -- Drahl battleship. the Drahl are a race that need to learn some control. They are belligerent when belligerence is not called for. The LUW uses their support, but they lack friends even within that body. The Federation reacted badly when its peace mission was sent home in boxes. Relations are strained at best.
       FoeCrusher was seen in The Eagle's Spawn.

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