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USS Tock FF-75 -- Stingray Ds class light frigate The Stingray was the first of a new type. Light frigates intended for system defense and limited patrol. They are designed taking the lessons of the failed Emerald class firmly in mind. It is considered a replacement for the aging Unity class ships. All Stingrays built since 2395 have been of the disodium type. A quantum jump in speed from dilithum. Older Stingrays are being refit.
       The Tock is seen doing traffic control in the Oz system in the STB-600 game. series.

AFS Indefatigable -- Interdictor class battleship. These ships are the bulk of the Acceptian Star services. The Motherships are far too expensive to maintain the entire Empire with them. As of yet the Acceptian have never encountered a direct space threat inside their own space, and these ships are perfect for policing the occasional problem that is seen inside the Empire proper.
       These vessles have yet to make a story apperence in Epiphnay Trek or the STB-600 game.

USS Glade CX-12 -- Planet class galaxy exploration cruiser. The planet class ship are a replacement for the aging Euphrates class ships. These much larger, faster and more versatile ships where designed to be every bit as useful as the Galaxy class cruisers, but more suited to Ane needs. Taking a clue fro from ongoing Galaxy project the Planet class has a undockable rear hull. Unlike the Galaxy this hull cannot operate independently. However, it can be changed our for special purpose hulls for different missions. Each ship was built with a transport hull with towing pads and huge hangers, as well as the standard exploration hull. All ships were built interchangeable, so any planet class could use any hull.
       In practice this was seldom used, and the transport hulls mainly languished in the starbases they were stationed at. The planet class, while a good ship was a pricey experiment that didn't pan out. The last ten ships of the class were not built with transport hulls, although they can use them.
       The Glade is one of the principle ships in The Word of the Builders

USS Improbible FS-19 -- Basking Ray class scout.  The Basking Ray is a scout development of the stingray class light frigate hull.  She exchanges, one phaser strip, one torpedo turret and most of her torpedo load for range and sensor power.  the basking ray has superior sensor fidelity and range, but lacks in staying power and shields.  They are a touch on the fragile side and basically have enough weapons to shoot and GTFO.  Basking Rays are over-engined both in the warp and impulse categories.  They are also built to handle those engines and can use them to their full capacity.
       Basking Rays are mainly used for fleet scouts, first in space survey work, and courier duty.  They see some use as Search and Rescue ships at least in the Search capacity.  Their small crew capacity makes then unsuitable as primary rescue craft.
       Basking Rays are reasonably comfortable for a small crew of under 110 persons.  Ane crewed versions (pictured) will seldom have more than two to three bond groups and an RI.  

USS Tigris CS-01 -- The Tigris is a direct replacement.  As new Tigres class vessels come on line The remaining Euphrates class ship will be decommissioned and scrapped.  The ADF James the oldest of the class will be returned to ADF trim and donated to the Starflight Museum.  Tigris class ships will be available to universities and private expeditions for lease as were the Euphrates in their latter years.

Curealian Days -- Dellith Cruiser. The Dellith are part of the Joembeck Hegemony. A race noted as being "lucky". The build bueiful ships and have an alsomost anti-organizational bent. They are currently looking over the Federation.

"Arc 40" == Nondem "Cutter" The Nondem are noted as being scary effective warriors.  They are part of the Joemberek Hegemony, most of which is applying for Federation membership with the conclusion of the Nadrízený war.  These vessels are well known for fighting well about their mass and technical classifications.  The Nondem are a logical, friendly people, and fierce fighters.

USS Raven Caraden HCC-17-- In this case "Heavy Cargo Carrier".  The Mastodon class is the latest development in El Nath Starships' line of massive cargo ships.  These vessels incorporate disodium drives.  They are a step down from the previous Behemoth class ships which were simply too large.  Simulations of a ship that long and thin under the stresses of disodium proved they would be a bad idea.  The fasterMastodon makes up for the lack of space with speed.  

Qunot Hem Qunot's Pride -- Dunchor (Great Belly) class bulk frieghter. This ship is seen in the opening scenes ofThe Word of the Builders. The Klingon bulk frieghter. I always pictured this vessel as several times the size of the Questing.

Feahum warp ship -- The primary vessel of the feahum, a flightless avainoid that shares a binary system with the stumpy and direct Domphamt.  These dihydrogen ship are early efforts.

Mimor Zadekstyk -- A battleship of the recently contacted Nadrízený Empire.  Very little is yet known about this empire except they make vicious ships and are at war and appear to have been at war for some time.

Gyors Vedo -- A battleship of the Joemberek Hegemony, the party at war with the  Nadrízený Empire.  Little is known about either body.  

Heshina Nembi  --  Aslan battleship.  The Aslan are a minor part of the Trantorian empire.  This ship made an appearance in the Starbase 600 game.  The Aslan are used by the main part of the empire as a buffer state with aggressively iindependent people to the coreward.  They get "last years" beat up ships and gear.  However they Aslan do not leave it at that making improvements in any ships they get with any technology they can acquire.  This one for example has a civilian model warp ring hardened for military use.

"Bugcrusher" -- Toniera battlewagon.  A warp 2 special, this new warp power had decided it was the natural rules of the galaxy (yet again) and were treating every other species contacted like bugs.  Things were going their way into they contacted the Federation.  They were dissuaded of their delusion, the planets they had seized taken from them and their military destroyed.  This class is never likely to be seen again.

"Ambler" -- Norg Republic Cruiser. This slab sided ships are currently contesting with the Trantorian Empire to maintain their liberty.While not as large as the Trantorian ships they do hold their own.

Nartoark -- D'deridex class warbird. Nartoark is seen in the closing scenes of The Long Patrol. The design is familar to any fan of Star Trek from TNG forward. The big Romulan we always see.

Gunga Din -- Bullock class container ship. This was the first of the large container ships from El Nanth Starships. It served primarily i nthe first years of the 24th century. Bullock class ships did not carry their own tugs. Accommodations were fairly conformable, but the slow speed compared to the early 24th century liners meant they were not popular with passengers unless you were really on a budget and time was not of the essence. Bullocks suffered warp stability problems and were never built in numbers. The few built were converted to robot control within ten years of initial operation. Two are still in service in this role.

Babe -- Buffalo class container ship. The Buffalo class was the answer to the warp stability problem. By placing the nacelles in the center of the craft the warp bubble could be more easily balanced about the load. They are harder to turn, an issue with all ship of the type. They are great in straight lines. The Buffalos saw no improvement in speed or comfort. 119 Buffalo class ship were built 7 are still in service as robot haulers.

Cora Penrose -- Pachyderm class container ship. Pachyderm class container ships saw the first use of the 16 container ring. They also saw advances in speed. This basic format is the current one in use with the modular ring sections being used to make a ship at what ever size is required.

Only three Pachyderms were built with HE Warp drives. It has generally been found that RIs find driving big container ships a bore. The Pachyderm and the latter Mammoth are largely sold to other than Ane interests. As such do not have drives that require an Ane RI crewman.

This class is still in use throughout the Federation. 83 units are still in operation in slow high volume applications.

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