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"Vulcan Shuttle" -- No direct Epiphany Trek appearance. I did use a couple in the Vista City game of all places.

USS Aikagi NCC-87564 -- Danube class runabout. This is the Runabout assigned to the USS Kongo. It is named for a Japanese Destroyer of WWII.

ADF Swift CF-187 -- Falcon class cutter. This is one of the ships that patrols the El Nanth Star system. I don't know if she was mentioned by name.

"Scout Ship" -- Class unknown. This is the scout Data is seen using in "Star Trek: Insurrection". I like it.

SS Carbuncle, SS Starfury -- "J" class free traders. This ship represents a type that is seen throughout the Federation and truly throughout space. The small operation freighters. Some are just freight, others charter passengers, most can do the job that needs doing. These ships are sized for small crews. For someone that can hustle they can be single-manned.
       The SS Carbuncle is the J class in the 24th century. This example was the childhood home of Captain Li'ira, seen in Jay Hailey's Outwardly Mobile, and my STB-600 game. This is the equivalent to refitting a DC-3 with turboprop engines and running charter with it.
       The SS Starfury was the McGuffin in one of Jay's stories. This is how the J class would have looked when they were first built.

Koo sub-impulse fighter. -- The big "mega boogies" had fighter craft. 40 of these things threatened the USS Discovery. They launched once the Discovery was located. It would only take two months to get within the limited range of their rocket powered fusion bombs. 30 light minutes. They freaked when Discovery suddenly closed the distacne. Only five of the lot were lose, Discovery managed to save the rest.
       The sub-impulse fighter like the Koo sublight invasion ship are from the STB-600 game.

SS Diamond Daze -- "M" class free trader. This is a serious modification of the "Mission class commercial trader" from the FASA Star Trek RPG. As sized the thing was smaller than a runabout, but had three decks. That might have worked for Ferengi. But the "designer" really didn't have a clue. I up sized the ship to better accommodate the interior. This is a 24th century courier/free trader. The SS Diamond Daze was Micheal O'Keefe's ship in the STB-600 game.

Ocher Pleasure -- An example of a "typical" Youn free trader. Youn ships can run from this on the small end to vessels that rival the Mammoth class.
       Jay's Description of the Youn ships was Galleon meets Starship. This is my interpretation of that while trying to keep it practical. No Youn Captain would sail without the ship's name picked out in gold, or without the ship properly decorated. If you don't present the appearance of success, how will you attract the best crew so you will have success? Ocher Pleasure is clearly on the bottom feeder end of this, but still the Captain tries.
       Ocher Pleasure Appears in "Journal Entry of Francis Connegor".

American Airlines Flight 523 -- Boeing 707. This craft was heard calling for help on the edge of the Oz Kupler belt. The USS Dannon got to her before they ran out of air and heat. 73 person were saved, all from 20th century Earth.
       Another artifact from the STB-600 game.

Shuttle Craft -- A few examples of shuttle craft from the 23rd and 24th centuries. The only original piece is the "assault/rescue shuttle" this craft has twin docking rings, and is usually fitted with a "jet-ax" port. This addition to the docking ring has an airtight door, a shaped disruptor, and sealant. It is shoved against the hull of a ship either to be boarded or requiring rescue when the trapped passengers cannot get to a working airlock. The jet-ax port opens the hull, the ring is inserted and seals. You then have a working exit in the hull that can be closed. The shuttle can hold ten persons for a month or 100 for a few hours.

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