Big Stuff:  1 pixel to 100 meters

Starfleet Spacedock -- Here to help scale things.

Renaissance Station -- Builder class space Station, Oz. Oz needed a space station the quicker the better. The All contacted the Builders and contracted for the station to be delivered. It only cost the full discography of the Beetles.
       Renaissance Station holds Starbase 600 and therefore the primary setting of that game.

Whale Probe -- From where it came we do not know, to where it went we do not know. The McGuffin of Star Trek: The Voyage Home.

V'ger -- From Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Robert Wise finally gives us a full view of this thing in the Director's cut. It is well worth the money.

Builder's Station -- Builder class space station, El Nanth. The 750,000 year-old construction shack left when the El Nanth Rosette was complete. Since that time it has been occupied by would be conquerors, kings, saints, and sinners. Everyone from the Kurkurchee Hegemony, the height of the Orion Empire, to the El Alurian Second Empire has made use of it. The Archeology contained within the station is without limit. Fully occupied the station could hold 7 billion people, and they would have room to rattle.

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