Falcon Class Cutter

Brief description of ship:  A rakish ray shaped vessel.
Story role for the ship:  What ever you need one for.
World role:  Police enforcment of insystem traffic
Appearance:  "The Price" seen at the end.
Age: Falcon class ships have been built since 2310. Hundreds exist
Length:  61 meters
Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.):  This will depends on who owns them. The Falcons are one of the few ships El Nanth builds for extensive export. Ane Defense Force ships are painted the usual blue.
Equipment Quirks and Problems:  The Falcon is a short ranged ship. While faster than a Runabout they are only slightly better equipted in terms of accomidations. They do not possess the space or consumables for an extensive intersystem trip.
Equipment Advantages: The Falcons are built with hideously over powered impluse drives. Nothing, and I mean nothing can outfly them at sublight. This said they are outclassed as warships by anything that can reasonablly carry the name. Sheilds are good, but not great, and the only thing a capital ship has to fear is the tropedo turret. They can carry and launch quantum torpedos. They usually do not.
Primary Power:  2 FIR Kloratis impulse drives.
Secondary Power: Aurora FTL system 747 warp core.  This powers two imbeded AWH warp nacelles also from Aurora FTL System.
Primary Weapons:  1 cyclops torpedo turret. The cyclops was the proof of concept model back in 2271 It was not intended for production use. However it suits the Falcon perfectly.
       Mark 2 ionic pulse canon. This new weapon has been called a "stunner for ships". Benifiting from recent phaser technolgy the multiphasic system can overwhelm a ships sheilds and forces her into a complete power shutdown while doing little or no physcial damamge to vessel or crew. Secondary Weapons:  Two Type 8 phasers strips.
Service History: The Falcon has a long and illustrous service history from Andor to Zeon. The class has been upgraded continuously since it was first introduced in 2310.
Crew: 10 crew

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