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       Welcome to the TrekCreative Writer's Guild. Below you will find a wealth of Star Trek fan fiction presented by the authors of the same.
       The TrekCreative Writer's guild is an outgrowth of the TrekCreative mailing list, a direct descendant of the FIDO echo Star Trek Creative. Those interested in discussion of Star Trek with a bent towards writing are encouraged to join the mailing list.
       If the list and site have any rule, it is that no one view of Star Trek is invalid. We each have our own Star Trek Universe, and each is valid. What I write is valid within my view, and all I or any writer request is you accept that view for the duration of a story. Canon is not, and never will be an issue.
       Because tastes vary, we have not pre-selected or edited the content of any story or site. To help you find your preferences, we have asked the authors of pre-rate their stories and sites for the list. The rating system terms are defined as follows.

G - No strong language, graphic violence or any more sex than a Disney cartoon.
PG - Some language, possible violent situations, no sexual situations.
R - Strong language, graphic violence, no blow by blow sex.
X - Frequent profanity, graphic interpersonal violence, graphic descriptions of sexual situations.

       The following terms define what kind of Trek story you will be reading, in the broadest of terms.

SC - Series Characters: The story or site features characters form one of the filmed representations of Star Trek as the main characters.
OC - Original Characters: The story or site features characters created by the author as the protagonists. Series characters have minor roles at most.
MC - Mixed Characters. The story or site features both original and series characters in about equal importance.
PST - Pre-Star Trek: The story or site features the time peroid historical to Star Trek in the 21st century or earlier.
ENT - Enterprise: The story or site features the characters of the "Enterprise" TV show.
FFT - Federation Founder Trek: The story or site features the 22nd century to about 2360, and does not deal with the "Enterprise" TV show.
TOS - The Orginal Series: The story or site features the time peroid of 2260 to 2293, or characters from the Orignal Series. This includes the time of the Animated Series and the Movies up to the middle of Generations. The ending date is set at the death of James T. Kirk.
INT - The Interium: The story or site features the time peroid of 2293, the end of the "Classic Trek" peroid to 2364 the start of "The Next Generation".
TNG - The Next Generation: The story or site features the time peroid from 2264 forward, or the characters from the Enterprise D.
DS9 - Deep Space Nine: The story or site features the characters of the Deep Space Nine setting.
VOY - The story or site features the characters of the Voyager setting.
ALL - The site has stories from more than three settings.

Keep in mind that all of these ratings are a suggestion, and not censorship. They exist to guide you the reader to the material you want to see.

Listing on the TrekCreative Writer's Guild are currently closed and this Site will not be further updated. Watch this space or Join the Trek Creative Mailing list (below) for further information.

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The Links

Epiphany Trek        Garry Stahl: OC/ALL: Adventure and discovery within multiple settings of the Star Trek Universe. Sail with Captain Taraban and the USS Questing, Captain James Timothy Kirk and the USS Kongo, or Captain Nelson and the USS Grant. Seek justice on High Crystal Station with Constable Terkos, or adventure in other places and times.
Mueder in the Rue de Verre         R-OC/TNG:How fragile is the Street of Glass? Terkos and his team match wits with a ruthless cartel in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Can he puzzle out the game before it's too late?         12-02

Matters of Prespective        By Susan Stahl:   PG-MC/TNG:The U.S.S. Mitchell Paige is the oldest ship in Starfleet, a warehouse for the oddballs and misfits. Yet she can do what no other can, so she is called on again and again. With the promise of proper treatment for his ship, can Captain Harry Roberts and is motley crew survive yet another impossible task?        06-01

When Star Trek Was New        Non-fiction by Bill Stone.   G: A perspective of the world in which The Original Series was created.

Star Trek -- Outwardly Mobile        Jay P. Hailey OC/TNG: Follow the Adventures Of Captians Hailey, Lir'ira and others as they push the edge of the unknown, one and all Outwardly Mobile
Work in Progress ST-OM 51, Untitled Li'ira story
Black and White Issues         G-OC/TNG Kylah Dannon and the crew of the Runabout Salayam, while ferrying DS13's New Medical Officers back to the station, recieve a distress call. All is not routine when they are asked to cure a "social disease".        01-02

Star Trek Athena        Steve Oostrom,OC/TNG The USS Athena and crew deal with the trials of war and the rewards of space exploration.
Nothing is Faster Than the Speed of Light        PG-OC/TNG Captain Thorpe finds himself in an alternate reality, where Earth never discovered warp flight, and he retains memories from both realities. An event convinces him that the reality with warp flight is the real one, and he sets about encountering his senior officers.         02-01

Adventures of the USS Phantom        Justin Schalk, OC/ALL This site is devoted to Star Trek fan fiction.Contains original stories, crew bios, and ship information dedicated to the USS Phantom NX-50180.
Tangled Webs        PG-OC/ALL A new admiral in charge. A missing starship. An age-old anamoly. The beginnings of a conspiracy on board. What tangled webs we weave indeed....         01-00

Star Trek: Fiontar         Ciaran Bradley; OC/ALL An extragalactic alien species is threatening to destroy the Federation and the entire Milky Way galaxy, but only the crew of the Fiontar know anything about it.
The Hunted PG-OC/ALL The USS Gallant is at the far side of Federation space, testing experimental equipment. When the crew stumbles across the Fiontar, will Captain McIntyre obey standing orders concerning the renegade ship, or will he attempt to confront Eeoct, his old protege, about the morality of her choices?         09-00

Star Trek: USS Providence        Cleve Johnson OC/TNG: Captain Rob Stuart and the crew of the starship USS Providence, a variant of the Intrepid. class, boldly go on all new adventures as the Dominion War comes to its end. Join the crew of this new starship as it explores unknown parts of the galaxy.
The Protectors of Zion.        PG-OC/TNG:The Providence, crew finds humans living on a newly charted planet. Captain Stuart must decide whether or not taking them back to Earth would be in the best interest of the people. A huminoid race, known as the Hurak, keeps watch over the humans and they do not want them relocated. They are the Protectors of Zion..         11-02

Star Trek: The Final Frontier        Chris Adamek OC/TNG At the edge of the final frontier, an unlikely Captain and an uncertain crew must face an evil darkness...
Ground Zero         PG:In the ashes of destruction, a lost world is rediscovered, an uneasy alliance is put to the test, and one final battle with seal the fate of an entire empire...         04-00

Joe's Page of Animus         Joe Rosales R (some light nudity in the art) Joe is a freelance comic book artist and writer from Texas. This site is a showcase of his art, and some prose also. He was a winner of the Pocket Books "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" contest in 1998, and was published in that anthology.
The Museum Piece         PG/OC-TNG At Wolf 359, forty-one Federation warships faced the unstoppable might of the Borg. This is the story of the one ship that returned. ( Webmaster's Note: Joe got good and tired of Furnation. This link should work form now on.)

STAR TREK: The Excalibur Epics        Walter George, Bonnie Holmyard, Debbie Chilton:OC/ALL: The chronicles of USS Excalibur NCC 2004 ship and crew. Archive of Trek graphics to harvest with a 'right click' and 'save image as.'
Deux Ex Machina        PG: From the farthest reaches of the universe comes an alien race bent on the destruction and enslavement of the inhabitants of our galaxy.They had only one thing on their minds - conquer the Federation..        08-02

Star Trek: Monet         Anthony Howe: OC/TNG: Follow the adventures of the USS Monet NX 79067 and her crew in this brand new Star Trek fan fiction site. Set During the Dominion War, can the the Monet defend the Federation? Find out in Star Trek: Monet! Updated every Month.
Maiden Voyage Part 1         G: On the USS Monet's maiden voyage, She picks up a distress call originating from the Badlands. Will Captain Shearer risk going behind enemy lines? Find out in Star Trek: Monet.         04-00

Star Trek:Phoenix-X        Tru Latinez: OC/VOY: An online fan-fiction series based on the undercover federation starship Phoenix-X and its crew. It being a multi-vector class stealth vessel harbouring a Transwarp/Warp drive with half the crew klingon and even more alien technologies onboard must take on undercover Section 31 missions commanded by Captain Cell, a metallic changeling, in hopes to protect the Federation.
Responsible Delinquent         PG-OC/VOY:A rogue Omni-X (a half mortal/half omnipotent being), named Epsen, comes for RaeLuna's life because of the prejudices surrounding her race as a race of omnipotent-killers; the Phoenix-X comes to the rescue, accidentally causing the collapse of a quantum singularity and the attack of a large rock creature.         08-02

USS Polaris Computer Core        Taeloz: OC/VOY:Star Trek Polaris begins in 2387 on the USS Polaris with the first episode, The Fumod Weapon. The series has so far introduced two new races and also has stories with the Romulans.
Countdown to War         PG-OC/DS9:While patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone, information is discovered about a rebel Romulan group similar to the Maquis and a secret base within Federation Space.         02-01

Star Trek: Independence        Ed Stouder: OC/INT:Star Trek: Independence follows the adventures of the U.S.S. Independence on its maiden voyage and beyond. Set in the era following Star Trek VI the all original crew finds adventure in classic Star Trek style.
Independence         PG-OC/INT:The maiden voyage of the U.S.S. Independence. Meet Captain Jonathan Taylor and his crew in installment form.        11-00

Star Trek: Dark Horizon        Michael Gray: OC/TNG: Captain Jack McCall leads the crew of the Federation starship USS Chamberlain to unlock the mysteries of the galaxy's ancient past and repel the onslaught of a dark evil consumed by its lust for survival, power, and revenge.
The Power of the Vision         PG-OC/TNG:The Planet Gamala... Some will go there seeking answers about the ancient Progenitors and the galaxy's past... Others will go there to make choices that will change everything.         01-03